Growth Spurts

They're not all that bad!

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 OK OK, if you’re sat reading this whilst in the middle of a growth spurt, you might think I’m a total fruit cake to use this title, but bear with me!!

 The majority of mums who have breastfed a young baby will understand what I mean when I say “growth spurt”. A period of around 48-72 hours (sometimes even longer…up to a week!) where your baby has an insatiable appetite, feeding hourly or even more frequently (day and night) and is unusually fussy. These feeding frenzies happen frequently in the first 6 months of life (around 7-10 days, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months and 6 months) and although completely normal, can be challenging and exhausting for a lot of mothers (read more here). I frequently hear cries of help from mums who are totally shattered after what seems like constant feeding and fussiness.

 My little lad is now 11 weeks old, and we have just got over what I assume to be the 3 month growth spurt/development leap. As I was sat feeding him for the umpteenth time yesterday I was thinking that actually, a growth spurt isn’t all that bad, yes it can be exhausting both physically and emotionally, especially if you have other children to look after. But if you surrender to it and get outside help and support where possible, you may start to appreciate the function of a growth spurt and the positives that they might bring. For example, I was tied to the sofa for most of yesterday which meant that the housework didn’t get done and the dog had a later than normal walk, but being tied to the sofa meant that I had no choice but to chill and relax whilst cooing over my gorgeous little boy. It also meant that I could have some quiet time with my eldest by reading some books and watching some DVD’s. This is a huge change from our normal, pretty manic day to day life! It also meant that I had a darn good excuse for the house to be in a mess and to eat as much as I liked (after all, all this feeding is using up a huge amount of calories right????).

 As I was coming round to the idea that growth spurts aren’t really that bad, I thought that I would ask our Facebook likers and Twitter followers if they had any other positives that they found when their little ones have/had a growth spurt. Here is what they shared:


A great time to stop, sit still, bed in and just relax for the duration. Great excuse to have no plans for a few days. Not to forget a great opportunity for lots of lovely skin to skin cuddles and baths together.

A nice positive is that your baby is growing and your body is making the milk they need.

Its a milestone! We celebrate and all the others enjoy the growth spurts too! Great time to go growth spurt shopping and buy lovely new outfits.

A great excuse for major baby selfishness… I get to tell everyone that baby needs to be with me, to feed regularly. I love the special feeding time.

Growth spurts always meant take away night for us, tasty growth spurts!

Snuggles, snuggles, snuggles! And an excuse to buy more teeny tiny clothes….though not quite as teeny tiny as the last lot you bought!

I love the fact that baby only needs/wants me at this time and no one else will do,completely selfish but hey...

Lovely cuddles and not having to do a thing except watch tv and have the hubby bring me snacks and drinks.


So, if you’re reading this, struggling to get to grips with a growth spurt, I hope the above encourages you and helps to spur you on. Also take stock that YOU are growing your baby, both physically and emotionally, just as you were when your baby was in your tummy. When the scales show a nice gain after a growth spurt, know and be proud that it is a result of your milk and hard work. Also, as you’ve been working hard to grow your baby, I think it’s only fair that you get to go on a shopping spree for new baby clothes and eat as much as what you want, whilst being waited on hand and foot.

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