Planning a Positive Future



Relaxing and Planning

By Rosie O'Hara



So when you’re relaxing; and to do this go to some quiet place and put your feet up, or lie down and do this, at least once a day – make time for this.  So now that you’re laid back and you’ve made sure that your legs and the bump are supported.  As you’re laid there and relaxing, breathe deeply again and notice how that breath is taking care of you and your relaxing and taking care of baby.

Imagine a time in the future – you choose – after baby is born. When baby is a toddler.  When baby starts school.  What will be there at that time, and who will be there at that time?  How do you want it to be?  Go on, let your imagination run riot.  Who will be there?  What will they look like?  How will you look?  How do you want to look? (What you concentrate on, will be what you get).  See yourself surrounded by all of that, now.  Put these images in your mind’s eye on a screen in front of you.

What will you hear, think of the good things that you want to hear, turn the bad things down, a little.  Put all of this good surround sound on the screen, with the things you are seeing.  Where is this by the way?  Inside, outside, at home, on holiday, in summer, in winter, this country, or another country etc?

And how will you feel when all of this is happening?  Is there a temperature  to that feeling?  Does that temperature have a location on, or inside your body?  Or even around you?

So think about all of these good things and the people you are seeing and the sounds you are hearing. Music? Laughter?  And think about how all of this feels and making sure it’s all located out in front of you, on a screen. Turn the colours up, make them brighter or more vivid.  Turn the sounds up to a level that is comfortable and appealing for you and make the feelings comfortable and inviting.

Keep on  doing this every day so that you focus on a future that is good for you and baby.  A future in which you will cope, in which you will be able to ask questions and get the help and support you need.  A future in which you will get your figure back (or have an even better figure).  A future in which you know that bumps will be easily overcome.

Practise, practise, practise.  Each night, write down 3 good things (or more) that have happened. Write down 3 things that were not so good.  One thing (at least) that you want to ask for support and help for or with the next day, and 3 things you might want to avoid next day.  If you forget to do this at night, then do it as soon as possible the next day.

And practise planning your future.


With kind thanks to Rosie for this inspiring writing.




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