Funds for Groups

I have a dream....

The dream is to be able to prevent the closure of mothers’ support groups due to lack of funding and to reach new mothers, particularly younger mums, to normalise gentle parenting using positive role models and images.  Mum and Me magazine was born out of the desire to support new mothers, with the aim of also being able to support the groups they often rely upon, and after several years in the making, it is now ready.

We understand that Mothers' support groups often have difficulties with fundraising, especially on an ongoing basis. In a time of financial cuts, some groups are finding their access to funds restricted, and some have been forced to close, for the sake of a few pounds to cover the cost of hiring a room. We are aware that all too often the money that pays for the orange squash, digestives, coffee and milk has come out of your own pocket. Printing of posters is very often done using your own paper too. All these little things can add up and often lead to groups closing as people become disillusioned. 

The independently published Mum & Me magazine will provide your support group with a unique method of raising funds in a very simple way. Mum and Me magazine is available to support groups FREE OF CHARGE. All you need to do is to cover the cost of the postage. Countless spreadsheets have been used to calculate the optimal and most cost effective way of doing this. It comes down to a minimum order of 50 magazines, which resell at £1 each. The courier cost for 50 magazines will be just £10. Of course, if you are local to Shropshire, you are more than welcome to collect the magazines free of charge. This would mean a profit of £40 for the group to use. 

Groups raise funds for themselves by selling copies of the magazines at £1 per copy. Each magazine that is sold will mean more money for the group. This will go towards ensuring the sustainability of the group, thereby providing even more support to new mothers. There are no restrictions placed on the money raised by the groups. We do ask you to complete a very short and simple form to check the credentials of the group and to enable us to monitor Impact Assessment and to verify distribution, (big words for such a simple form!)

Several Mothers' support groups have already registered their interest in distributing the magazine, and we would urge you to do the same to ensure a smooth roll-out. The first print run is for only 5000, so be sure to get in quick!

Ethical and WHO Code compliant advertising is being sought to cover the cost of the printing. The quarterly magazine will initially have a print run of 5,000 copies. Massive interest has been expressed in the magazine, and the decision has been taken to start slowly and build up over the course of time. Mum & Me magazine will be in the format of an A4, full colour, glossy, high street magazine.

I would like this dream to finally materialise as groups are closing all round us at the moment, leaving some new mums with no access to trained support, and need your help to do this.

If you belong to a Mothers' support group and are interested in this unique fund raising opportunity, please get in touch via the Contact page or email:  info (at) mumandmemagazine (dot) com.





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